5 on 5

Just when I was thinking I just need to tag myself, Lavs tags me to post 5 links to 5 of my previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given : family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like.

So here I go

Family: I write a lot about them. And it is tough choosing a single post that means a lot to me. But I choose this post about V's grandfather. Just coz it is worth reading over and over and it is so personal and so true that people who knew V's granddad will relate to immediately.

Friends: I can pick so many here but it easy choice. R came to US in 1997 and has been here since then. 11 years now and he is still in touch with his old friends from Anna University. Putting to words was the toughest part for R. He is the silent one, never voicing his feelings. And just for that, this is the most memorable friend post

About Myself: I typically don't write much about myself and so I choose this post on my weekend learnings. The nature has always been my inspiration, my guru and my friend.

My love: I love traveling. And wanderlust runs in V and R's blood and this post about our favorite time of day during a vacation defines love the best.

Anything else: Here I would like to link my old post on environmental issues. This blog which started as a personal blog took a turn to include my passion for environmental engineering somewhere inbetween. There are so many technical posts I can link to. But this one is the closest to my heart.

Thanks Lavs. It was so much fun going through my old posts and yes tags are fun!


Lavs said...

I have read all those posts:-)The best one being your post on Grandpa.

Pooh said...

Thanks Lavs. Yes I guess my favorite post in the past year is the one. Just coz it is so personal

sementi said...

Been a quiet reader of this space and this tag gave me a chance to read up whatever I had missed. Great writing! :)

Pooh said...

Sementi.. take up the tag.. we sure would love to see your top 5