Strange Sightings

Often I end up observing strange things which make me laugh, cry, and/or groan. This trip with no worries about keeping an eye on the road and time, I had an opportunity to click some pictures of some strange observations.

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An absolute bad photoshop job on one of the boxes seen around!

Congrats Baby Bro! We know you are not excited a lot but we are proud of your achievements! Keep rocking! We love you!

I know it is not the clean whiff of air I enjoyed years ago... the fresh breeze wafting from the banana plantations along Trichy-Thanjavur road is no longer there. A mix of construction dust and exhaust gases fill the air. But it is still pleasurable to enjoy July winds in Trichy...

Here we go, logging in from Dubai.. A quick stopover before we reach India.. The past two days we have spent quite some time on our feet, walking along dust laden steets and sweating it out in the hot summer.

There have been quite some moments of englightment and fun in Dubai! Our Dubai Chronicles will be updated soon on our travel blog!

And off we head home tomorrow... good food and the best company! Life is good.. really good!