Anacortes Mornings

Mornings are my favorite time of the day. As the sun comes up and the night gently fades away, all life is awoken by the warm rays of sunshine and sounds of the dawn fill the air. Two of my best mornings this year were during my trip to the Pacific Northwest. Specifically I'm talking about my two mornings waking to the sights and sounds of Anacortes.

Anacortes is a beach town situated about 80 miles to the Northwest of Seattle close to the Vancouver Archipelago. There we stayed at the Heron Hill Inn and Suites, a Bed and Breakfast. We reached there after nightfall and couldn't really see anything much. The narrow roads and winding roads did look scary! The gentle lapping of the waves along the coast as we checked in was a welcoming sound.

The next morning up early by habit,we decided to step out to take in the view. And what a view it was! Walking around the wrap around porch to the back of the B&B, one could see many islands that dot the bay and water was so still and motionless. You could see shades of pink as the sky was just lighting up. There was nobody to disturb the stillness in the air and I just took in the scene of the still bay and the distant lights of the town still sleeping. We watched with awe as the colors slowly changed with more sunlight coming in as the minutes ticked by and the sounds of birds started to fill the air. The morning was a wonderful way to kick start the day

Early morning colors on the bay

The city still sleeps

Islands in the bay

A whole different view of the bay awaited us the next morning! The famed Seattle drizzle during the night just changed everything. The bay was covered with a blanket of fog, and one couldn't see those islands visible the previous day! A lot more birds could be heard and seen this morning. Herons, gulls and loons were up and out looking for food. We sat there amazed how one day could change the view of the same place so much.

Heron in the fog

A loon flapping her wings

A pair of gulls, looking for an early bite