Who designed this?

Akaka Falls near Hilo. For more of our Hawaii photos click on the photo

And it is time to round up the year. I look into 2008 with expectations and dreams! Lots of dreams and hopes. Resolutions...we really are not the resolutions type! The usual workout regularly, get organized etc are always there! We try to take a conscious effort everyday and a new addition to that list is our effort to leave a smaller carbon footprint and be more environmentally aware.

And as I get ready for 2008, I remember an incident from our recent Hawaii trip. We were at the Akaka Falls near Hilo, amazed by its sheer beauty and power and as we stood there clicking pictures and enjoying nature, a young boy probably around 5 asked his mom in a loud voice, "Who designed this?" And there was silence in the area, other onlookers were unsure whether to laugh or just ignore the comment. And I was stunned! The boy in his childish innocence stumbled upon what I was trying to say for the longest possible time - a simple awareness of the complexities and beauty around us.

And that is what I want for 2008, a conscious awareness of this wondrous world around me! It is a work par excellence and I want to enjoy the small things in life as I pursue bigger dreams! And to all Poohsden readers, wishing you a year filled with love, luck and happiness!


Kavi said...

Perhaps the most profound post for me in a long time ! And it indeed is insightful that it has come at the end of the year !!

LOVELY ! Left me speechless for sometime !

WIshing you a great year ahead !