Weekend learning

Nature and outdoors never stop amazing me. There are so many things I learn from them and they make my otherwise mundane existence a pleasure. I love the trees, the flowers, the rivers, the birds, the rains, the humidity and even the tiny creepy crawly insects. Every day nature seems to tell me about the eternal mantra of life, change.

Slow and subtle are the changes in nature, but they happen in front of our busy eyes. We just seem to ignore the changes in trying rush from one commitment to the other making no time to stop and enjoy nature and to learn from it.

Inspite of my hectic weekends I try to make time for a little one-on-one with nature a couple of times a month. My one-on-ones range from a couple of minutes of solitude early in the morning watching the birds comes to life to a simple picnic by the lake. I try to make it a way of life.

And when Saturday turned to be an unusually warm December day, I knew it was time to pull out the picnic basket and head out to enjoy the day. Yes, there were many other things I could have done instead of sitting by the creek, basking in the sun, reading a novel, fighting for the blanket and laughing away the worries with the family. But then the pleasures of taking the timeout to enjoy nature are indeed special.

Nature as always taught be about being patient and accepting change in life. The trees now void of their leaves, a stark contrast from my previous trip in summer. And telling me to be patient and wait for the fresh burst of leaves in a few months. It is such a simple lesson of life that I never get tired of. Might be coz I forget the basic lesson so easily in the pursuit of so called bigger things?

Life’s lesson never changes, irrespective of age, time and generation. Be patient and accept change in life with grace. The lessons nature teaches me day-in-and day out!


Lavs said...

I love picnics....something which i learnt to enjoy from Enid Blyton books. Sadly, there is no place in chennai to have picnics....

S said...

Nature teaches these lessons all the time and they are always here for us to see. Somehow, there is hardly any place for all that in this busy world!
lovely post:)