As always something has come up and delaying Our Own Corner design (it just does not help to be too picky about colors and designs at this stage but I am) and I just do not want to post here as all the old posts have been migrated. So soon we promise.....

Meanwhile, enjoy Deepavali and we'll be back soon at Our Own Corner

Things are moving faster than I expected... Hang on as I move to

The front page is ready, the blog links are not yet working but at least we are moving...

Take a look,, my new home starting next week.
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I see the morning sun burn off the fog and bathe the trees in its golden is a mesmerizing sight.. It reminds me of fall in New England... I fool myself coming houston in October to New England! Ha!
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Almost there

As you might have observed the past couple of weeks, I have maintained minimal activity in the blog and getting away with just posting pictures and updates. I do have a few posts lined up and they'll be up soon. But the reason for the reduction in activity level is that we are moving over to our own corner - our domain. It is quite some work as we are moving not one but all 3 of our blogs there. After days of struggling with SQL and PHP, finally I am confident we will move.

As of now, we plan to have new posts at our new domain from next week. So bear with us while we get everything done and then I'll have more posts coming.

I wonder

How a simple thing like new sheets on the bed makes me smile and feel happy......
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Sweetener please

The birds in Houston are watching their diet. Sweet n low instead of sugar.
Spotted at a bistro around town.
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Is it not a little too early?

It is October 9th and are we not way too early for Christmas lights? Spotted lights being strung in a strip mall near work. Gosh! Way too early I say.
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There are a couple of things with regards to this blog I plan on getting to eventually but it just is not falling to place. I go half way and leave it undone. I need motivation, lots of luck and energy! Is this weekend going to seal the deal? doubtful but hopeful

Till later!

Some updates

I spent 3 days with minimal internet. I was getting so addicted and it was a test. It was not hard.
S and G had a baby girl and I am oh-so-happy for them. I am sure they are not going to venture to my blog anytime soon they have their hands full.
I met up with 2 of my college friends sometime back. 4 yrs later we were sitting and gossiping and exchanging news just like those days. It was fun and personally I took a journey inward to observe how much I have changed. I love certain changes and hate lot of them.
Plans for the annual Deepavali party are going strong and I look forward to catching up and good food and memories
I had the weirdest dream and I am sure I do not want to put it down in words. But seeing a grown-up loved one cry after making a life altering decision in dreams has the power to hurt me immensely.
And on that note of life altering decisions, I am in the process of making one myself. As of now I have nothing concrete but soon I hope to have news to make me happy.
I miss Navrathri times in India....pooja wishes everyone. Whatever name you celebrate have fun.

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Eerie morning

This morning reminded me of Halloween - dark, foggy and an orange glow. Bring the pumpkins and the broom stick out.
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Sign time

Another new sign sighted around town....
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For you movie fans

Do you have a favorite movie in any language that is worth being remade in Tamil? Or do you have any favorite Tamil movies that need to be remade into other languages?
Voice your views here...

Of younger siblings

Sementi started a discussion at her blog about her younger sister acting all grown-up and advising her (read the comments, they are hilarious). It really echoes my sentiments about my brother. Many times he acts as if he is years older to me and not younger to me.

One side of me is extremely proud to have such a mature and responsible brother but the other side of me misses the mischief, the naughtiness, the craziness and the pampering I got to do when he was younger. It also matters that now that I earn I do want to buy my baby bro gifts and instead of being the little kid he is and jumping with joy over a gift akka gives, his first question is "why did you spend so much?"

And to my brother,

Call me dumb or akka,
Or whatever your heart wishes,
All I wish for is your happiness and memories we will create together!
I miss our talks beneath the rocks,
I miss the chapathis and squirrels,
I miss the laughter and the happiness,
I miss the constant stream of sms's and peeks to your phone,
I miss the tickles and the witty sass!
And above all I miss the BMW Z4 and the Alaska trip you promised ;)

Season of Change

I am a summer person. It seems odd to many people (including my other half) how I can love summers. I live in a city that boasts of 100% humidity most days in summer and temperatures sky-high. But I love it. I enjoy the warm rush of hot air that hits me the minute I step out of my office, I love the slight breeze that brings a respite, I love the sprinklers working overtime to keep the gardens fresh, I love the rare summer rains and thunderstorms, I love the crisp cottons I get to wear, I love the smell of BBQ in the air, the smell of fresh cut grass on a summer day....I could just go on and on. It somehow is me. I relate to summer than any other season.

October is here and with it comes in the chill in the air. Houston is still warm but the mornings are cool - a little too cool for me. I cannot complain about it as the whole of Houston seems to be rejoicing and enjoying the cooler days. I complain and I rant about the missing the dog days of summer and people who know me turn a deaf ear to me.

I have started carrying around a little sweater or fleece to keep me warm in a rather freezing office or store. For some reason, as the temperatures drop outside, the air conditioner thermostat does not increase. It rather stays the same and leaves me cold and longing for summer days. It is going to be a long winter I say. It is just October 1st and I am all set for the next summer.

As the weather changes, the outdoor activities reduce and this year my plan is to visit the famed museums in Houston on those gloomy winter weekends. Something I badly want to do. I am off to catch some sun and warmth before it is too late this year!

Inspired by The Mad Momma