For KA - the bestest bro!

This one is for bro dearest! KA

KA is now living a bachelor life (so he says! You are still single and V gets the first dibs in choosing/approving your partner!) alone in Trichy trying to study for his exams while the rest of the family is away vacationing. His other pass-time is trying to clear out the termites infesting his cupboard! Feeding on his books and growing fat (in his own words, kolo kolonu irrukudu) Well I just say they have an attraction towards maramandais! They know a maramandai when they see one.

Ofcourse his major decision making is debating whether to eat Azeez biryani at Bidass canteen or hit the college canteen or go to Sea Kings for noodles! Poor poor you! And ofcourse in your own words “God Punishes” this for all those days you teased your lovely, adorable, bestest sis V calling her “gundu”! You had it coming bro!

And here’s to the bestest bro! Good luck for your exams and we are really proud of you! We hope you get all the best things in life just the way you dream (and you’ll get it as long as you shower your sis with compliments and love and let me add chocolates and gifts!) The bestest sis, bro-in-law are looking forward for your visit and fun times together!


Kavi said...

Hey that sounds awesome ! have a great time together folks !

Kavi said...

Looks like you guys are quite busy having a fun time !! :)