Summer of 2007 in Houston

I know it has been a while since I wrote here. The past few days have been picture-perfect and idyllic (touch wood!). Three generations of women, doing justice to the credit card and me and R enjoying the pleasures of hot home-cooked meals 5 times a day! Warm (okie! I admit most people complain it is hot) summer days! Need I say more?

It is indeed fun to watch V, her mom and her grandmom walk around stores sipping frappuccinos and bubble teas converting dollars to Indian Rupees and commenting about every thing. And Houston being another typical US city has offered them more than enough stores to roam around.

Feasting on wonderful Indian treats that now are luxuries and choosing to be temporarily forget the fact that these wonderful treats are loaded with ghee and butter! Hmm the sweet pooran polis, the crisp butter dosais, the spicy panner masala! Life is good as long as I convince myself that these delicacies are fat-free! Three hot meals a day, variety of dishes.. am already worried about returning back to the old life when everyone returns back to India!

And the added bonus, the wonderful summer days the way I like them. Time to get out the crisp cottons, the sun glasses and the hats! For some reason, summer days bring out a happy me! The cool morning air, the promise of a humid afternoon, the wonderful colors on the tree, the fresh summer berries!

Life is good and we are enjoying it!


Kavi said...

There you go !! I thought just as much !! Life is indeed good. Have a great time !