I thank the stars above for you!

There is this small book on V's desk, "a compilation of heartfelt messages for your loved one" by Archies. The book is titled "A sister is a friend for life", a cute one.. and was leafing through the pages today and realized I have never taken time to speak about V and R's siblings.. so here is the post, it is dedicated to KA (V's younger bro), HS (R's younger sis), AK (R's younger bro) and to all of V's rakhi bros (NJ,SC,RN,K,KC,NT).

To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega

Today they are all in different corners of the world but the special relationships these siblings share is indeed amazing! It puts me to shame quite often, me the bear who hates sharing my space with the other furry residents at our house (have you ever heard me speak anything about them? well I make sure they stay invisible in the background while I take the honors!! :) smart aren't I?)

Here are some fond memories V and R treasure about their siblings and my take on them!

Today he is the super cool college student, painting the town red with his antics.. but I have known him since he was in his diapers and have seen his relationship with V all through the years. All through the growing up years V and KA acted as if they never cared for each other but it was all an act and you could see the affection they had for each other clearly.Today the baby bro acts like a big protector and though he would never admit it... admires his sister quite a lot!! :) And V enjoys being teased and pampered and protected by her baby bro!! Yes there are times when his teasing gets on her nerves.. a few sharp words, few unshed tears and then V is back to normal....
There are tons of memories and happy moments V can think of about KA and she clings to them tightly till the meet next (yes pretty soon KA is coming to Houston!!). They have shared numerous wonderful moments and it would be quite tough to pick out just one! well the shocked KA hugging her on receiving an ipod sure ranks as a great moment!
All V wishes for today is that her baby bro works hard to make all his dreams come true...

AK & HS:
R remembers growing up as the leader of the gang featuring his siblings AK and HS. He remembers the days as a kid playing catch me if you can with AK, running around the house resulting in cuts, bruises and stitches! Meanwhile, HS the li'lest sibling was the 'akkakari' (the big sister), demanding and getting her way! They are a close knit group of siblings, even though it may not be apparent when you first meet them. R remembers so many great times he shared with his brother and sister, on so many trips with their parents. R has a great collection of audio cassettes he collected by basically convincing AK and HS that they would love to listen to R's favorite singers and groups.
Now, they are all grown up and live in different corners of the world. AK is working with their dad in India as a structural engineer and HS lives with her hubby and sweet li'l kid Swetha in Singapore. You can see a pic of Swetha here. Even though they have moved so far apart from each other, the bond is still as strong as when they were kids.

V's Rakhi bros:
These are guys I definitely need to talk about. Meeting up during V's undergrad days in NITK, they have formed a bond - a relationship that is very special. V's post talks about her memories about SC,K and RN.

V's structural and math teacher is just another way to identify him. They spend hours slogging through previous years exam papers in the library, talking about just anything under the sun, emailing and just having a fun time together. Yes they did fight, long crazy fights and often drove others crazy but like all siblings they made up and forgot the past! Today NJ is in Bangalore with Oracle and does something V never thought he'll do. But NJ if you are happy that's all that matters.

They shared a post in SPIC MACAY. KC was V's guide to learning the ropes of being a treasurer (well the truth is she never learnt it!) But the friendship that grew during the SPIC MACAY days (there are numerous stories about these days.. that is for some other day) still continues. As I pen down this KC is in San Jose working and V hopes he finds his dream job soon

The newly-wed! It has been a crazy time with NT (well you see a pattern here right?) NT was someone V enjoyed playing the elder sis and still does.. Our best wishes to Mr.and Mrs. NT! Wishing you love, luc and happiness forever!

btw the cute sister book, was a gift from NJ to V and KC is now back in Bangalore