Family times

To all who inquired about V’s mom’s and grandma’s trip, thanks! They arrived safely in Houston with all 4 bulging suitcases and just one opened baggage tag! That is quite an achievement. They had their share adventure and are glad to be home. They love our home and Houston! The weather has been absolutely marvelous yesterday and today. I know most people are complaining about the heat but somehow I am more at home only as the mercury rises above 75.

It was time for long lost friends and relatives to pick up the phone and call V’s mom and granny to pay their respects. Yes! It was quite fun seeing them catch up. Some of the conversations I enjoy are the ones where the sibling/cousin rivalry sets in. No, there are no big fights, just a small round of boasting about their achievements, the success stories of their kids! Ha! Amazing… yes it is truth exaggerated and ofcourse there is a lot of fishing for gossip going on.

Hmm now I know what was missing in our new home! It was sounds, laughter and good old gossip! Now there are people to sit around the table and talk and talk and every house needs those sounds to officially make it a home! I just can’t wait for V’s dad and bro to join us. It is going to be a great occasion.

Inspite of their jetlag, V’s mom and granny did want to go to Michaels and Jo Ann’s to check out their craft items and other stuff. Between converting dollars to rupees and efforts to keep their eyes open they did enjoy their trip.

V’s mom has officially taken over the kitchen and is cooking up delicacies. V and R are busy hatching plans on how to tell NO! and yeah the running away with the plate option does not seem to work! (Hints hints!! Mom are you reading this???)

And what do I say about all the wonderful snacks? Puran polis, masal pori, mixture, rava ladoo, dry jamuns, cashew murku, ribbon pakoda all home made by V’s grandmom!! Yummy and I dream that they are fat-free!

It is just the beginning and we hope we have more fun-filled days!


Kavi said...

Lip smacking ! Enjoy ! enjoy !