Season of Change

I am a summer person. It seems odd to many people (including my other half) how I can love summers. I live in a city that boasts of 100% humidity most days in summer and temperatures sky-high. But I love it. I enjoy the warm rush of hot air that hits me the minute I step out of my office, I love the slight breeze that brings a respite, I love the sprinklers working overtime to keep the gardens fresh, I love the rare summer rains and thunderstorms, I love the crisp cottons I get to wear, I love the smell of BBQ in the air, the smell of fresh cut grass on a summer day....I could just go on and on. It somehow is me. I relate to summer than any other season.

October is here and with it comes in the chill in the air. Houston is still warm but the mornings are cool - a little too cool for me. I cannot complain about it as the whole of Houston seems to be rejoicing and enjoying the cooler days. I complain and I rant about the missing the dog days of summer and people who know me turn a deaf ear to me.

I have started carrying around a little sweater or fleece to keep me warm in a rather freezing office or store. For some reason, as the temperatures drop outside, the air conditioner thermostat does not increase. It rather stays the same and leaves me cold and longing for summer days. It is going to be a long winter I say. It is just October 1st and I am all set for the next summer.

As the weather changes, the outdoor activities reduce and this year my plan is to visit the famed museums in Houston on those gloomy winter weekends. Something I badly want to do. I am off to catch some sun and warmth before it is too late this year!

Inspired by The Mad Momma


sementi said...

I want summer when the temperatures go down and wish for winter when its soaring hot! Human mind at its best!

Pooh! said...

Ha! definitely the human mind always wants the not so easily available

Anonymous said...

he he, wondered what with if all the wishes come true we won't have a wish list at all.
guess nature adds up a item in our never ending wish list lol :-p