Of younger siblings

Sementi started a discussion at her blog about her younger sister acting all grown-up and advising her (read the comments, they are hilarious). It really echoes my sentiments about my brother. Many times he acts as if he is years older to me and not younger to me.

One side of me is extremely proud to have such a mature and responsible brother but the other side of me misses the mischief, the naughtiness, the craziness and the pampering I got to do when he was younger. It also matters that now that I earn I do want to buy my baby bro gifts and instead of being the little kid he is and jumping with joy over a gift akka gives, his first question is "why did you spend so much?"

And to my brother,

Call me dumb or akka,
Or whatever your heart wishes,
All I wish for is your happiness and memories we will create together!
I miss our talks beneath the rocks,
I miss the chapathis and squirrels,
I miss the laughter and the happiness,
I miss the constant stream of sms's and peeks to your phone,
I miss the tickles and the witty sass!
And above all I miss the BMW Z4 and the Alaska trip you promised ;)


Kavi said...

Those last lines ! Boy,they could kill ! Or rather burn quite a lot of rubber !

Fantastic !

Pooh! said...

Thanks Kavi! Could not resist it... Now I am just waiting for my bro to read it and get back ;)

sementi said...

Your bro has been told about this post! He will sure get back!:)
And with regard to being mischievous and naughty, I stand my ground..I'm always the victim :(

2f2f said...

heyyy... wat a pleasant surprise!!
so nice of you!!
everythin is fine minus the alaska trip & BMW :D

2f2f said...

@ sementi
u get wat u give :)