Some updates

I spent 3 days with minimal internet. I was getting so addicted and it was a test. It was not hard.
S and G had a baby girl and I am oh-so-happy for them. I am sure they are not going to venture to my blog anytime soon they have their hands full.
I met up with 2 of my college friends sometime back. 4 yrs later we were sitting and gossiping and exchanging news just like those days. It was fun and personally I took a journey inward to observe how much I have changed. I love certain changes and hate lot of them.
Plans for the annual Deepavali party are going strong and I look forward to catching up and good food and memories
I had the weirdest dream and I am sure I do not want to put it down in words. But seeing a grown-up loved one cry after making a life altering decision in dreams has the power to hurt me immensely.
And on that note of life altering decisions, I am in the process of making one myself. As of now I have nothing concrete but soon I hope to have news to make me happy.
I miss Navrathri times in India....pooja wishes everyone. Whatever name you celebrate have fun.

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