Weekend blogging!

I typically never blog on weekend. Weekends at Poohsden are more chaotic and hectic compared to our rather sedate weekdays. Friends, hobbies, travel, classes, shopping, cooking, catching up with friends in India and the luxury of mid-day sleep... yeah we make use of every single minute.

The past 2-3 weekends we have been out of home.. Travel and other happenings have been keeping us on our feet and this is our first weekend at home after nearly a month. So what did we decide to do? Sleep in, stay at home, get done with some chores and just talk.

It is 9.20 am on Saturday, after a cup of chai and smelling the single malligai poo that bloomed overnight making our patio smell amazing, we are catching up with the blogs. It is so nice to be home!

Home Sweet Home!