Poohsden residents!

Mandira seemed confused about the characters that haunt Poohsden.. so here we go...with the story,

Somewhere out in the Wild West, along with bustling malls, high-rises and oil refineries, there exists Poohsden. Crazy, busy, bustling, filled with laughter and the usual stuff you would find in a home! The main residents in Poohsden are V, R and the over pampered yours truly - pooh bear!

R - the silent, logical and analytical photographer. Loves good food, travel, chess and football!

V- the dancer, the RJ-to-be, the environmentalist and anything else that catches her fancy!


Anonymous said...

where did my comment go?!?!?

Anonymous said...

i had said "thanks..i will be able to follow the happenings at pooh's den better nw"

Homecooked said...

Thanks...even I was a bit confused with the players :)