Tamil Mirchi!

Houston's own Tamil Mirchi is here! And V is a part of the Mirchi team!

Tune in on Sundays, 1pm-3pm, 1050 AM if you are in the Houston area. The program can also be heard live on http://www.tamilmirchiradio.com/

Tune in and give new RJ V a call sometime for some spicy mirchi aarattai!


Kavi said...

Congratualations on a new role !! A pioneering one at that !

Anonymous said...

since im still not entirely familiar with the ppl on ur blog, im not too sure who V is.. but im very imprsessed the he/she is on radio!!
tamil radio in houston!! how cool is that?!

Roop Rai said...

Hiiii i got here from Mandira's blog after reading the 'houston' bit. I moved to houston only about a week ago. :) Well, glad to find a blogger from houston.

Pooh! said...

Kavi: Thanks!

Mandira: A special post for you is on the works

Roop: Same here! Hope you enjoy H-town!

sementi said...

Whoa! RJing.. That must be great fun! My best wishes!

S.Sivashanmugam said...

Good Work! I missed it out last week, hope to stay tuned this week!

roop rai said...

came here after a WHILE !! ;)

and guess wha, i am RJing too now ... and that too in Houston :p

more here: http://musicinthebox.wordpress.com