The inner child

Growing up in India, November 14th was a day to celebrate the childhood and nation's first Prime Minister's love for children. It was a day when we had numerous fun-filled activities in school and exchanged wishes with every other person. As energetic and live-for-the-moment kids life was wonderful and a day in honor of children was like having the cake and the icing also.

Today, grown-up and hopefully more mature, the day literally has no significance. After all, we are no longer children. We are responsible adults making decisions big and small, running our own lives and some shouldering additional responsibilities as parents. Life seems so full, busy and Children's day is just another way to mark Nov 14th. A day on which, if time permitting we let ourselves think about our childhood and might be even Nehru Chacha.

But November 14th is not just for kids. It is for each and every one of us. I am not a child anymore, I am an adult but within me there still is my inner child. The person who cares nothing about tomorrow or what the world things. The inner child who lives-for-the-moment and takes thrill in the small things in life. The inner child who can stop and gasp at the rainbow and then take an impulsive trip to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Take a minute this day to listen to your inner child. What does that inner child want? Might be to fly a kite, to ride the cycle listening to the birds, to play marbles, to dance like no one is watching in the rain, to enjoy outrageously colored candies and cotton candy, to watch the fishes in the creek? Go ahead, you can always spare a 30 minutes to indulge your inner child and celebrate childhood!

And to your inner child, happy children's day!