Carbon dioxide

It has been a while since I posted anything about the environment on this blog. The usual buzz on environmental concerns continue, Al Gore and the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change win the noble price, oil spills in San Fransisco bay and in the Black Sea. These news have kind of become a part of our daily lives that we rarely pause to think about them. Pollution has become a way of life.

I came across this interesting website, CARMA which stands for carbon monitoring for action. Stop by their site for some good info and here are some interesting tit-bits from their site.

* India has around 2147 power plants and of those 377 having a red alert flag over them.

* 4 of them figure in the top emitters of CO2 in the world list. Neyveli (ranked 37th), Ramagundam (ranked 31st), Talcher Stps (ranked 38th) and Vidyachal (ranked 7th)

* China's Huaneng Power International releases the maximum CO2 currently

* India is currently in 6th position in carbon emissions currently and it is expected to move to the 3rd position by 2015

And yes Houston is also there on the list. The WA Parish in Fort Bend County is in the 46th position in the top emitter list. And our power suppliers, Centerpoint Energy are not the cleanest people but not so bad either....


Anonymous said...

Dear Pooh,
Thanks for the update. You should know, however, that NRG Energy, not CenterPoint Energy, owns most of the electric power plants in and around Houston, including W.A. Parish. According to CenterPoint's web site, they don't own any power plants anymore, just the power lines.