Zipline across 7 seas

Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce that V and R have finally narrowed down what their part-time business is going to be. And they do hope it gives big results. After discarding the usual and araracha-mavu kind of things, they got this great inspiration when clearing their garage.

Well as a brief recap, since moving to our new den in February, the garage has not been the place were the cars are parked, it has been more a place to store all the assorted things that could not be fitted into the house. In fact, at one point of time, V and R were seriously considering ebaying all the stuff in the garage as a part-time job. But you see it is too predictable. Almost every other person sells stuff on ebay these days and there are even bumper stickers announcing, I got it on ebay.

After opening all the boxes in an attempt to clean and clear the garage, V and R have come up with this unique plan for their new business. And yes, they plan to connect all the wires in the garage, you know the ones in almost every box in the garage and run a zipline from Houston to Chennai for a much cheaper rate than the airline rates. After all people shell out big bucks to do such adventure trips in Costa Rica and Hawaii.

The ever creative V has devised some interesting taglines and promotions to sell the idea to others. Her self-proclaimed best tagline reads, "bring out your inner Tarzan". Imagine the thrills of zipping across the seas, hanging on to your dear life and looking forward to meeting your family at the other end. And special promotions include

the ever popular, B1G1:
buy one, get one free for the first month or so. People just fall for this offer. Publish a few coupons in the local Indo-American News and Voice of Asia and there will be people queing up for tickets.

kangaroo special:
The smart way where parents don't have to pay for their kids if they can suspend their kids on those swags/swings/pouches or whatever they are called in front of them and carry their kids there.

tarzan n jane/ veer zara style:
A valentines day special. Clinging to each other lovey-dovey couples can enjoy a romantic veggie meal catered by Houston's favorite, Balaji Bhavan with complimentary glass of champange, rose for the lady and chocolate dipped strawberries before zipping off to India.

Now she just needs to convince R that this will work. After all he convinced here that every piece of wire lying around the garage needs to stay for some unforeseen need. Aww! the pleasures of living with a man, who needs 4 computers and all available paraphernalia to function.

Oh btw, any takers for the zipline trial runs? After signing off any liabilities, all your zipping trials are free!