Fallen Leaves

It is the time of change. As previously mentioned there are lot of small changes and transitions going on in our lives. Change is probably the most constant thing in life but the prospect of leaving the comfort zone and a embracing a different way of life is filled with small moments of exhilaration and turmoil. Every change in life leaves me nostalgic and filled with memories. The memories bitter and sweet, pushed back to the corner of the confused brain.

The current changes in our life is accompanied by the change of seasons. 5.30pm is dark and uninviting and it really depresses the outdoorsy people in us. Yeah unknowingly seasonal affective disorder (SAD) creeps in. And I sit reliving memories, one by one, strewn all over, just like the falling fall leaves. Past their prime, they stay unnoticed till the lie strewn all over just like now. I take each memory and it brings a smile to my face, even the sad memories. As time flies and as I walk the memory lane, I remembered this forward someone sent me a long time back. It seemed very appropriate for the season.

The Last leaf.....
Was thinking of old friends today. And how many of them have slipped away, moved, got married, or stopped calling, found new friends and friends got busy, and just lost touch. It reminded me of falling leaves. Every autumn the leaves fall from the trees.Some stay longer than others, but eventually - each leaf must fall, I'm told. Leaving the tree alone to face the cold. Why is it that in the time of utmost need, the leaves would seek to leave the tree? And when we need our friends around we look and they can not be found?

I miss my friends from school and college. I miss my family back home in India. I miss those carefree days. I miss those emails and phone calls. Everything seems a blur these days except for the past. Vivid and colorful. Triggered by the simplest things.

My next few posts will be my trips down the memory lane. Jump in and post your memories of the past and their triggers.