Season of Change

It is the season of change, you can smell it in the air. The dog days of summer are almost gone, there is a crispness in the air, the leaves are no longer on the trees but rather decorating the yards. It is the festive season, there is joy and happiness as people look forward for Navarati,Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Stores are stocking up with pretty orange pumpkins, ripe red cranberries! Time for change from the hot days of summer, time for change..

The best way to enjoy these amazing falls days, open toed shoes, the morning sun rising in the horizon, the silence as the day break outs, dew on the grass... walk along the grass, let the dew tickle your feet, take a deep breath to enjoy the fresh morning air.... bliss! a much needed slow pace before the hectic day rolls in!

And as it goes there is a lot of changes going on at Poohsden, it is time to step out of certain roles and embrace new roles in life. And the transition is just going to be long and taxing on us. It has started taking its toll and one of the places its effects are directly seen is this blog..we'll try keep updating with news and changes as we enter unchartered territories...

Till then, stay safe and enjoy the season of change


Lavs said...

Have a happy transition. Is it some good news:-)?