Quirkiness Tag

I have been tagged by Lavs to write about my quirkiness.. I have seen it make rounds and now here are some of the weirdest things about V and R


* His middle name is Methodical. Anything and everything is done perfectly planned. It includes exactly 3 squirts of the perfume on either side of his shirt.

* He is an aspiring Dr.Do-Little. He talks to birds or should I say orders around birds? This happens when he is photographing them.

* At times R ventures into another world and for every word uttered he finds the closest matching 80's rock song and goes on. Like something about lamb on Broadway was today's flavor when discussing about lamb for dinner ;)


* Her dance practice area is the bath tub/ shower stall. All Bharatanatyam poses and moves are perfected there!

* She has a love/hate relationship with cooking. One week she just goes crazy in the kitchen experimenting and churning all of our favorites and there are weeks when she hates stepping inside the kitchen. R heats up ready to eat meals and survives

* If she really likes a song, she can hear it non-stop millions of times. It does not happen often but it happens occasionally. The current sound track filling our lives is Unnikrishnan's Adi Kondar from Geetham

There are lots more about V and R that are weird and strange and am sure they'll come out sometime or the other. And to pass along the tag, I tag Sumi, Vishnu, Siva, Arjun and Kavi!


S.Sivashanmugam said...

Thanks for da tag, n i did pass it on! eargery awaiting the real expressions of R!!!

Lavs said...

good girl, i had asked for your quirks but i got R's for free:-)hey, i share that stuck song quirk. recently, we have been listening to Pussy cat dolls' song "Sway" featured in the soundtrack of the movie" Shall we dance?"The song is just 3.26 mins, and we must have played it half a million times now. If our hard disk has mouth. it would beg us to stop playing this song!!!!

Lavs said...

oh, btw did i tell you about my comparison of your snap in the header image. its similar to Mamooty's wife's character in the tamil movie "Azhagan". All they have is a photo of that lady showing her backside and the kids always imagine her to be turning....i get similar feeling when i look at your snap...i feel any moment you might turn back and reveal your face!!!!