When it rains..

It just pours... Houston atleast the area we are has been experiencing heavy rains, thunder and lightning. Flooded streets... well what else can you expect with 6 inches of rain dumped in around 6 hours. The sky has cleared up a bit now and the rains have stopped and it is quite possible that by the time V and R head home it would be clean and clear... unless we get more rain!

The Houston Fire Department says if you don't have to go out, don't. Well now the bosses have a reason to keep V and R at their desks till late evening... while I keep dreaming about hot chai and millagai baji....

Update at 1pm : A quick check at the weather reports say that the cleared skys are but temporary! It is going to pour again!

Update at 3pm: There is a break in our area. No big rains since noon. Water is draining fast and that is good news. Reports of more rain going on. Hopefully not. V got a call from the Crisis management team at her school asking her to stay safe and leave home if necessary!

Update at 4pm: The sun is out and things are drying out. Looks like H-town survived another 6 inch rainfall day! Just another day at work for most I guess!


Krish Ashok said...

I remember a few years back when rains in Houston pretty much shut the town down. People were boating on I-10. Was in San Antonio in that time

Pooh said...

Boating is very common all the time when it rains.. actually it happens atleast twice a year.
Houston's soil is saturated fully and then we get 6inches rain in a span of just 4 hours and wham! flooding!
The I-10 incident might have been in San Antonio as in Houston I-10 is one of the freeways that does not flood much! Houston sees major flooding in I-59 and I-45 areas!
with dean come on we are just keeping our fingers crossed! we don't need more rain and the soil is saturated!