Erin came and now waiting for Dean!

Tropical Strom Erin made landfall early this morning making it a soaking wet day in Houston. Yes it is nice to have some rain after days of blistering heat. Tropical Storms are what are called depressions in India and they just dump rain and some high speed winds. And if you live in coastal Texas you just get used to it. Luckily Houston is not a coastal town but we are quite close to the Gulf of Mexico. On the other hand, unluckily Houston was a swamp before it became the happening city it is today. Swamps drained, streams (or bayous as they are called) re-routed and clayey soil all add upto a great recipe for flooding which is biggest problem with any storm making a landfall in the coast.

Now Dean is going to be a totally different story. It is a hurricane or you can call it a cyclone or typhoon depending on which part of the world you live in. Unlike in India, hurricanes in US are named alphabetically and it alternates between a girl's name and a guy's name. Pretty funky system if you ask me! Well now about Dean, it is currently near the Lesser Antilles and getting ready to wreck havoc in Florida and might be some parts of the Texas coast. It is really too early to forecast things say the meteorologists and I would think with their oh-so-sophisticated technologies it would be otherwise. Well currently they predict it to be a Cat 4 when it reaches the US waters and it just means on the destruction scale from 1 to 5, 1 for the least destructive and 5 for the most, Dean could cause some serious damage.

So this weekend we plan to make basic prep incase we experience an emergency and Dean decides to hit Galveston just 45miles from Houston. Stocking up on basic non-perishable stuff like water, some canned food, a first-aid kit, batteries, flash-lights etc. We also plan to design a grab and go package which just means, incase we are asked to evacuate it will be the package we grab and leave. It would contain the most important documents and some other stuff. So if you live in the coast make an evacuation plan please. It is essential and stock up now instead of waiting for the last minute.

Stay safe everyone!