Identification game

Location : any wedding hall
Main characters : newly married couple, some far off relative (also known as a stranger) X
Others: well meaning relatives who seem to know the whole world
Background music: Anything loud enough to tear your eardrums played by the local band
Props: garlands, big big gift boxes, cash envelopes dyed yellow at the corners, flashy jewelery, excessive flowers, balloons and what not

X: Congrats! do you remember me?
the couple : (look at each other to assess if it is someone related to the other person) smile sheepishly and turn to the help of the well meaning relatives who are busy chatting with someone else and cannot help you out.
X: (ah! this is my chance let me feed on the couple before feeding on the feast below. I hope they made vengaya sambhar and added lots of cashews and ghee to the cooking, you never know these stringy people) Come on you know me!
the couple:
scenario 1: oh! I am sorry! It has been a while since I met you.. and get ready for a lecture and really embarrassing story of what you did eons ago at X's house in front of your new spouse.
scenario 2: yeah we remember how are you? life is good thanks... please go and eat and enjoy yourself. Pass our regards to your family..
generally people accept scenario 2 and pose for photos and leave for the dining hall, the smells enticing them but the worst is when scenario 2 backfires,
X: okie tell who I am
the couple: (oh crap! will he never let us sit down for a minute) more sheepish smiles and ribbing, till the next in line pushes him off and comes to talk to the couple!


Shruthi said...

Fantastic details about the wedding hall :D

This one was too short... we want more! Perhaps you could make this the first of a series?