Tortoise coil swirls

Remember those tortoise coil swirls to show flash back scenes in the movies? Time for those at poohsden

4 years back, August 2003:

V and R did not know each other existed! V did'nt know even a wee bit about photography and R did not know the words like varnam and thillana existed

3 years back, August 2004:

V and R knew each other for say 4 months and were getting tired of smiling at strangers and trying to play the identification game at Ramji Mahal, Trichy. Incase you do not know about the identification game, read here...

2 years back, August 2005

The much-hyped about first anniversary, candlelight dinner and lots of gifts and stuff!

a year back, August 2006

V and R were backpacking through Germany. Koln, Munich, Fussen, Rothenburg, Weikersheim... A wonderful trip through the country, clicking photos, enjoying themselves before heading to India.

The tortoise coil swirls out and bringing you back to the current day!

V and R celebrate 3 years of togetherness! And it sure has been a fun ride with its ups and downs and every passing year has been fun at poohsden... looking back, the past year has been great and as V and R walk through life's potholed streets together here is wishing them the very best intuition, swerving away skills, swearing skills and shock absorbers. Moving on, creating memories, savoring them and discovering the world!