Why we blog

We started blogging a few months back coz it was THE thing to do and over the last 6 months we have come to enjoy it. We blog for the fun of it, we are happy to have a place to dish out our nonsense. We don't care if anyone reads it or comments about it.. we just enjoy putting down what we feel into words and it is tough. And that is what blogging has given back to us. It has made us think outside the box and be able to put the cris-crossing thoughts in a more organized way. Or that is what we hope to do eventually. It has also got us interested in things which we never knew we liked. And the list is endless.

And no we do not blog because we are jobless. Both V and R don't have the regular 9 to 5 white-collared jobs. They work odd hours and they both enjoy their work. In addition to all the 101 other stuff they seem to enjoy doing, they also blog. Because they like it. They make it a priority and find time and fit it into their schedules.

No we are not writing for people to appreciate our time management skills. You read our blogs great! You love them great! You hate them fine with us! You comment on them great! But please please quit connecting dots and making assumptions about our lives.


Kavi said...

Hey Pooh !

Just tell V & R that they rock ! And the effort that goes into this space is valued and value adding !

So for every 'connecting dots' lady / gentleman there are the others who are looking forward to the next post !

So..Carry on !

Lavs said...

If people do not have anything better to do with their time, then let them connect dots and assume anything they want....we should learn to ignore such people...they should not matter to us....what say?

Pooh said...

I do understand Lavs but it does tend to hurt.. and yeah I just needed a rant!