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V's ramblings...

Are there times when you wish you were forgetful? Easily able to erase the past, the unwanted at will and move on? Photographic memory that helped all through the years be it the recitation competition at age 5 or the all important board examinations at 17... sometimes seems to be a bane.. sometimes like today!


Kavi said...

There are the flood gates. And when you open them, they flow. Memories. Sometimes they make me want to go back to the old times. Regret. Nostalgia. Fun.

Causing me to smile. Laugh. Cry. Look forward to !

But as much as the bad ones make me cry, the good ones make me look forward to creating more. Unfortunately they come only as a package deal.

So every time there is an bad phase..i tell myself that its part of the package deal..

And of course, every time there is a good phase..i try and tell myself that its part of the same package deal...!

yes the very deal that helped us in recitation, board exams, quizzes and debates...