Vacation - 4

The last destination of our vacation was Niagara Falls, Canada. Yes we did go to the Canadian side and it is definitely a better view that the American side. From NJ it was a good 7+ hours drive and crossing the border was a breeze. Once you learn to look past the tacky touristy attractions, the Falls is indeed amazing! It is astonishing how a small river and millions of years can create such a wonderful sight. The roaring falls and the mist rising from the falls is something to awe at.

We did the usual touristy thing at Niagara. If you are at Niagara for a day, I would recommend you buying their Adventure pass for around $40 USD. This pass gives you access to all the must-see places and also the mover bus. Our first stop was the Journey behind the Falls and once you are hundreds of feet below the falls it is a scary and yet amazing site. You cannot hear yourself over the thundering of the falls and the fine spray of water drenching you despite the yellow ponchos handed out. It is also an engineering marvel. Imagine blasting through rocks to build the tunnel!

Our next stop was the Greenhouse. A deserted and not so famous tourist area...but amazing display of hydrangeas greeted us. We spent sometime enjoying the gardens before heading to the famous Maid of the mist boat ride. And what do I say about the Maid of the Mist, it is worth visiting it. I also makes me wonder how these resourceful people turn a falls into the much talked about and touristy attraction. India sure has tons to learn about marketing and developing its amazing resources.

The Whirlpool Aero Car, the Butterfly Conservatory, The floral clock and the White Water Walk were other things we did at the Niagara Falls. Ofcourse we were there for the night illumination and fireworks at the Falls on Friday evening and later hit the casino. The age for entry into casino's in Canada is 19 so baby bro KA got lucky and enjoyed the gambling scene.

R has some great pictures here and here

Photo Courtesy: KA and V's dad