International travel woes!

We try to travel as much as possible by Lufthansa and Star Alliance partners. Oh yeah we collect miles like millions of others. Our flights to India and back are always via Frankfurt. The last time we were in India, early September 2006, we did the same thing. We were surprised to see the Chennai airport crowded like a chatram I guess! There were a minimum of 8 flights leaving in a 3 hour window around midnight to Europe, Gulf countries and Singapore. And as expected the airport was packed and here comes the fun part, the immigration counter was staffed by just 2 people. The lines long and the wait was atleast 2 hours testing everyone’s patience. It was horrible. And due to the lines the flights were delayed and our flight out of Chennai was delayed by 2 hours. And guess what happens because of that? We have to make a mad dash for our connecting flight to Houston (the layover is around 2 hours). Last time we ran all the way across and just made it. We were the last ones to get in! Well we made it atleast. Today, V’s mom and granny were’nt so lucky. Their first trip to the US and they are being inconvenienced to the maximum. Flight delayed out of Chennai (as expected) and they missed their connecting flight at Frankfurt. They are then given connections via Washington DC. Well something is better than nothing. They were expected to be in Houston by 7.30pm and then at 6.00pm V gets a call from Washington. Their flight was further delayed and they missed their Houston connection. They can take a couple of flights and reach Houston at 11.30pm minus their luggage or stay over night at Washington and take the first flight out to Houston.

So there we go, another day till we meet them. I have already missed 1 day off their short trip to US. I am mighty disappointed and so is V. Yes the lunch she prepared, became dinner and now does she want to serve the same stuff as tomorrow’s lunch?

Why cannot something somewhere be done? Like staff the airline counters and immigration counters better in India, flights to Singapore, Malaysia and other places can be scheduled at an earlier or later time, an earlier flight from Chennai to Frankfurt, or have 2 flights from Houston to Frankfurt like BA or Air France have?

Well now that is my rant! I really am too pissed off to write anything more… Waiting for morrow!


Kavi said...

Awww. It must be a trying time. I can understand that. Hope they get to make it safe, sound and in great cheer.

Sitting here i can only write, think, hope and pray for their safe landing and for a wonderful time for you folks with them.

As a sign off note, i recall what a professor said to me long time back when i scraped through an exam ( and recall it quite often these days) " remember, it could have been worse" !

Have a great time. Look forward to hearing more about it !

Lavs said...

If only officials listen to us!