After a lazy weekend, enjoying V sweat it out and perform, I am all set for the week. I just got thinking about the weekend traditions back in India.. well they are not your typical traditions but small habits that are almost traditions... here in our cocooned world we have created our own traditions but nothing beats the traditions at home..
here are some of my favorite traditions - the ones I miss the most,

- Fight for the Young World (Children's section from The Hindu) on Saturday mornings between V and her bro KA
- The puris and sundal breakfast on Sunday mornings
- Reading aloud horoscopes on the Magazine section of the The Hindu and laughing on Sunday mornings at the marble steps in front of V's home in Trichy
- Racing down the stairs to welcome V's dad home from his trips on Saturday morning.. yes the auto horn was the indicator
- Scraping out the bottom of the big aluminium kadai after V's mom had made chocolate!! yummy!
- Picking up the pavalamali flowers for puja..hmm we grumbled and whined over the chore but it is still a memory
- Making garlands with the flowers in the after-siesta hours... this tradition dates back to the days when SV anna was in Trichy for his studies...
- Power cuts and sitting in the backyard/front yard catching up
- Quizing over dinner time at R's ancestral home in Madurai
- Maligai poo, pacha poo in summer
- Birthday dinners at Gajapriya, Femina and in the recent years in Sangam in Trichy
- After work/school meetings around the dining table with great food and V's mamaiyaa
- Word games on road trips and friendly competition between R and his siblings
- Briyani and Fish lunch on Sunday afternoons
- The 5.30am phone calls when V was in hostel
- V's mamaiyaa dropping her for every single board exam

and the list goes on...

here in Houston we have our built our own set of traditions

- Friday night dinners to unwind
- Diwali party to catch up with friends
- Putting up Chirstmas lights before Diwali till New Year
- Early morning in front of stores on Black Friday to hit the sales
- After Chirstmas sales shopping!
- Gulub jamuns made from scratch for Diwali
- Lazy picnics in Kemah
- Fruit picking in summers.....
- Chirstmas tree in Galleria ice rink