Lukers alert!

En Eniya Blog Vistors avargaley! (My dear blog visitors)

My blog is few weeks old and I am really excited about it! Especially when people visit my blog! yeah most of you guys either know V or R... I would really love to know what you think about my blog, my writings, my pictures and the whole load of crap I seem to be putting down! Do you like them/hate them? What poohisms do you want to me to share? hmm it would really help my ego (and yes bears have big egos! why else do you think we have big heads?) Comeon people! I need your encoragement and motivation to go on!

This is the weekend! V's dance recital is around the corner and we are busy! I'll have more interesting news, trivia, R's take on the recital, R's photos from the recital and lots more coming up Monday!

Till then!!
btw have you wished V and the others at SPAC?
leave a comment!! I'll make sure they get the message!!