Like Mother, Like Daughter

This is an interesting conversation between V and her mom. This morning they were having a voice chat across the miles.

Venue 1 :V’s childhood home in Trichy.
Participants : V’s mom, V’s granny and V’s bro KA

Medium : Yahoo Messenger

Venue 2: Our home across the miles in Houston
Participants : V (and yours truly)

V’s Mom: So how did you do in the test last week? Did you get the scores?
V: Yeah! I got #$
V’s Mom: That’s a good score!
V: Yeah (half-heartedly)
(Background voices in Trichy)
V: Speak up! I can’t hear you! don’t talk amongst yourselves. talk to me. btw what were you discussing?
V’s Mom: (diplomatically) Oh nothing important!
V: Well I know…you must have said “She is not happy with her score… don’t I know my daughter”
V’s granny: (laughing) You even said the exact words.. how did you do it?
V: Well.. don’t I know my mother!
Me: (to myself) aww!! Cho chweet!
KA: Fools think alike…
(and being the baby bro.. he gets away with it)

(Yes and KA is going to be wild at me yet again for calling him baby brother!! He has already warned me after reading my previous post about him..Don’t be angry with me!! It’s all out of love!)