V's trip down memory lane

V wrote this up for her friends in December... just thought I should share it with y'all..
Says V,

I don't know what set me off.. guess it is the rains.. after a cold and below freezing temperature fortnight, the temperature warmed up yesterday and we had rains and not the usual Houston rains... the Surathkal rains.. humind and non-stop.. Walking between buildings with the drizzle on my face and struggling with the umbrella brought back so many memories and the most treasured memories were that with you.... guess I have sweet memories with all you guys and I have learnt so much from you all... I just needed to talk and relive those days.... Let me start with

It has been a great experience with you.. I have learnt to take things as it comes and don't be worried about speaking what I feel from you. I'll always remember the walk we had in the rain... soaking wet from main lobby to GB after the dhandiya practise...

You literally forced me to tie you a rakhi remember? SADS? and am so glad you did.. we share birthdays and a love for books. With you I guess I am most comfy being me. Just me.. I can vent, rant and cry and you know what I feel.. thanks

We were always around.. we spoke often but I guess we never were the chummy chummy friends... but I remember the late night talk in Main lobby..I don't know why but that remains the lingering memory of you.. you were very practical and told me to take life as it comes.. and believe me I needed the reminder at that point of life...

You got in as you were K's bro and initially I did think you'll be overshadowed by your bro but you proved me wrong and proved me that you are your own person. And that is what I learnt from you, to be myself and not to do something just coz everyone wants me to.

I guess you'll never have the time to read this mail but I just wanted to let you know in many ways I admire you. For taking the cruicial decisions regarding your life. Always soft-spoken, you have made some tough decisions in life.. letting go the past and embracing the new and finding happiness in it! I admire you for it...

It is easy to say what I learnt from you... it is a lesson I wish I can follow.. from you I learnt what hard work really really means..You gave in 100% to what you did even though many of the choices were forced on you.

If it was one thing I could say about you.. I admire the way you carry on... inspite of everything you smile. I have never seen you sulk. I wish I could do that. Sweet I guess rightly describes you and no one would deny that.

From you I learnt never to say die.. even if it is end of the world I learnt I can go on from you... You showed me that when I feel my world crumbling I can still get up and walk and build a new world...

I am touch with you more regularly than the others..just coz we live closer... and from you I learnt worrying about tommorrow is nothing but borrowing trouble. I learnt to take each day as it comes and keep cool. Tomorrow is just a dream...

With you it has been another fun fun time.. I don't deny we had our moments of misunderstandings. . I remember the late nights in my room talking and talking... about everything.. and how in sync our thoughts were.you were ready to break the rules and that is something I admire you for.. and you broke lots of rules for me.. thanks for that..

Your principles I admire you for that.. you were ready to stand for them and defend them no matter what... and with you I could let myself go.. not care... you always treated me as a kid sis and I guesss I enjoyed it a lot..remmeber our chocolate meetings.. and remember how you complained to S (your party mate) that I did'nt tie you a rakhi!!!

Writing about you will be the toughest.. Memories a lot.. the times with you.. the shopping trip for your mother's saree.. Udipi with the gang and the fight.. the nights counting stars and swapping stories in the SAC.. need I say more? You have been there for me.. I have laughed and cried with you... I have learnt numerous lessons from you..to let go and live... is probably the best thing I learnt from you. You were there for me... thanks and thanks

I can write more...much more... but you know sometimes putting what I feel to words is tough.. but the relationship I shared with each and everyone of you is Unique and special.. and I am proud to be your friend... I admire you for who you are and what you have achieved in life.. and I am proud and glad to share a part of my life with you...
we are far today but the memories I have are forever..
thanks for being there for me.. for teaching me, for guiding there, thanks for being my friend....