Blank Month

Do you have a monthly calendar? The kind where you flip the sheet over end of every month (or is the start of every month?)

What is the first thing you look for? As a child it always was the pictures, we fought to get the calendar with the best pictures and treasured them. Long after the month was over, the colorful picture was either preserved carefully or it formed the cover of a notebook.

Times and perspectives have changed, now I scan the calendar as I turn the sheets every month for holidays. I know it sounds kiddish but mid-week holidays and long weekends make it a happy month! I feel happy even if it not a holiday where I work, it is just a feeling of holidays. It is like getting a whiff of briyani at your friend's place though you know plain old sambhar sadam awaits you at home.

August is a blank month and everyday I stare at the calendar and it depresses me. As if my stares can change anything. The lovely picture of Black-Eyed Susans in the calendar unfortunately do not make me happy.

It is almost September, I consoled myself and took a peek into the next sheet. Joys abundant, labor day, ramadhan, first day of autumn and more!

I think I need an Indian calendar at work to cheer me up. After all, the blank month of August boosts of all the Aadi festivities, Varalakshmi Puja, Avani avitam and Gokulastami.

BTW, why are Christmas stuff out in all stores? It is months away and I have millions of nitty-gritty stuff to do before Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

I dont know a single month in the Indian calendar which doesnt have holidays :) And you all already have Christmas stuff in your stores? Here all the pumpkins have come out :)