Weekend Enlightment

Often weekend leaves us enlightened. Houston is a wide-spread city, the suburbs are easily 20+ miles from downtown. We are no suburbia people, we want the city life. Luckily for us, we rarely find a need to drive to suburbs unless it is to visit friends which happens quite often.

Most of our friends lived off- 59 South and it was not bad. We made regular trips on weekends and the 20 minute drives were a breeze. But recently we had to venture to taking the famed I-10 almost every weekend.

You can enlighten yourself about I-10 here. But this is what wiki tells us about I-10 in Houston,

In Houston, from the western suburb of Katy to downtown, I-10 is known as the "Katy Freeway." This section is currently being widened to as much as 26 lanes (12 mainlanes, 4 lanes of access roads, and 4-6 mid-freeway HOT/HOV lanes, not counting access road turning lanes)

Yeah we have space around in the cowboy country to expand our roads insanely and the expansion just messes up routine traffic. The construction has been going on since 2000 and is not yet complete. And is anticipated to go on another year atleast. With machines that can crush our no-truck, no-AWD, compact sedan, flying bits of concrete and louder-than-thunder thuds I-10 is the perfect death trap.

But forced to travel on it on weekends, we geared ourselves for the toughie. The first couple of weekends went on quite smoothy and we should not have celebrated too soon. We spend a good hour last Saturday driving from one detour to another as we headed towards home which should normally take us 20 minutes to reach. Streching our patience to unimaginable extents...

Arrrrrrrrr.... if you are ever in Houston please take it as a personal warning.. avoid I-10 - the world's most complex interchange is crazy and crowded and you will end up nursing a bad headache!


Anonymous said...

warning duely noted!not that i will be visiting houston anytime soon !:P

Pooh! said...

Well it is worth filing it in the memory. I-10 is that bad... I cannot imagine how some people commute everyday using I-10