UPS's policies!

So we are expecting a delivery by UPS - the world's largest package delivery company. We come home after all the drama last night and realize that the UPS guys had come by and left a note. We call the number this morning and enquire about picking up the parcel. And they go "well it is our policy to attempt delivery atleast 3 times before offering pick-up services" WTF! They deliver between 8-4 am when we are happily punching away in our keyboards at work and we have other plans for Saturday which will keep us out of home.

Frustrated we tried to schedule the next delivery attempt on Monday where the probability of us being at home when they deliver is higher... Nada! their 2nd and 3rd delivery attempts must be consecutive days right after the 1st delivery attempt!

What kind of policy is that? I understand customer service and attempting to deliver on time but do they not have options for those like us who have other plans? And this at a time when gas hits $4+ a gallon! Eww! I feel so bad for the delivery guys and for not being at home when they are trying to deliver! Guess we just got to live with it!

Time UPS changed their policy though!