Starbucks, a few bucks and magic

I thought if I should write about "this" incident. It is trivial, petty and does not carry any significance to anyone. It does not have a moral or a take-home-lesson and I had a few environmental posts planned, but still I decided to write about it. Mainly, because I want to record those lovely moments, to be able to come back to them and motivate us to do it more often.

It is one of those evenings when we were supposed to hit the grocery store and stock up on necessities like milk. It was one of those rare times when it slips of our minds. But it does happen and we realize it at 5am. Out of milk, out of caffeine to start a day is not the best way, as you probably know.

So we decide to do what every other person in US does, hit Starbucks for a morning cuppa. Surprisingly we were ready,20 minutes early than usual and we headed to the nearest off-the-main-road Starbucks. Being the time and place it was, there were few lingering joggers enjoying their drink. A few minutes later, a few dollars lighter, a chai tea latte and a mocha cappuccino in hand we sat watching the sun rise on a warm, humid Texas day.

There is something so mystic and special about watching the sunrise with a loved one. Something so exhilarating when you enjoy the morning warmth and share a friendly banter. Forgetting the day ahead at work, the daily grind of life, the chores, the bores and what not... makes life better!
Twenty minutes later, we were in our respective cars heading to work.

We promised we'll do it again, watch the sun rise together and smile! Forget the pressures and live and enjoy the time in hand! We'll do it... soon!


Homecooked said...

Such unexpected moments really stay with us.Hope u have such unexpected delights everyday :)