Crash course on how-to-cross-the-road

R who has seen the other side of the big 3-0, works for a leading oil and gas company in H-town. The workforce mainly consiting of engineers of all disciplines, managers and designers - highly educated and grown-up.

And they get this email,

The pedestrian crosswalk signal at ****, across from the *****'s entrance, is now operational. Until pedestrians and motorists become familiar with the operation of the crosswalk light, the HPD officer will remain posted at ***. There are a few safety items to remember when using the pedestrian crosswalk:

In order to activate the crosswalk signal, push the button located on the crosswalk posts.

It is safe to cross the street when the crosswalk indicator light displays a solid (white) figure in the walking motion. Cross the street only when the indicator light displays the white figure. This signal indicates that it is okay to cross the street.

Always exercise caution, and make sure drivers have stopped before entering the crosswalk.

A blinking (red) hand on the indicator light signals that pedestrians who are already in the cross walk should hurry to the other side of the street. If you have not started to cross the street when the blinking hand is displayed, do not enter the crosswalk. Instead, stop and push the button on the post. Wait for the indicator light (walking figure) to signal that it is okay to walk.

The solid (red) hand indicator light means do not cross the street. When the solid hand light is on, cars on Hidalgo have the green light and right-of-way.

Please share this information with clients and contractors who may not have access to this e-mail system.

Of course, safety is important, but teaching on how to cross a road is a bit too much for grown-up employees!Well we had a good laugh! Hope you have one too!


Kavi said...

So we learnt. Many years ago ! But white light..! Well, life has new learnings !

Homecooked said...

This is so funny!!! Thats America for you....always extra cautious :)