Makes a difference

It does make a difference!

It does add a little disaster to the morning mad scramble to work. After the routine get-out-of-home antics at Poohsden which include forgotten and lost keys, trash cans moved out on wrong days, missed breakfasts and gulping a cup of cooling tea, we really do not need this and it does make a difference.

The 15-minutes drive to work as the mind whirls trying to get into the work left off last evening, the fading music from the radio keeping them humming and smiling. The radio station, Houston's 106.9 is a favorite - classic rock.
And to give them the dose of reality is this ad for Burger King. (I tried hard to find it on the net but couldn't find it)

The words might be sort of wrong but this is the gist.

X: Welcome to your new job Y.
Y: Thanks! It feels great to be on the team and I quit. (Pause). And I would like to be paid for the time I was here.
X: The whole 5 seconds. You earned probably 2 bucks.
Y: Oh yeah! I made enough to eat a yummy meal at BK's dollar menu like the Whopper Jr. blah blah blah!
X: Yummy!
Y: Right Boss! no former boss.
X: Former is right coz I quit.
Y: Finally you are acting like a professional.

Please someone point out the connection between being professional and quiting your job to eat at BK!

Listening to such an ad the first thing in the morning makes a difference. It makes me want to drive my car into every BK and flatten it. Who on earth comes up with such "creative" ideas? Please can I kill them? Another such ad was the Compass bank ads. Believe me it makes a difference to your morning commute!


Homecooked said...

This was funny :) I should hunt for this ad.Most of the ads on TV these days,dont make any sense.But I love watching the ads during Superbowl.

arpana said...

hehehhe... I hope u dont run into some BK someday to flatten it :D