Happiness is.....

Picking up this tag from Homecooked,

Happiness is....

  • A warm sunny day, camera in hand, hand in hand, by a river/lake/sea, soaking up the sun rays, picnic lunch...(it has been a while since we did one of those, now that Spring is officially here we should plan a picnic soon)
  • Late nights in the patio, smelling the blooming jasmine and talking
  • A push-yourself-to-the-max session of Bharatanatyam that has every muscle screaming in pain and the adrenaline rush that follows (obviously R has not experienced this)
  • Sharing a dessert at Ruggles
  • A walk in our neighborhood (we love this area and our home)
  • Times spent with family
  • Diwali parties at home
  • Travel.. anywhere... anytime is happiness
  • Discovering a hidden bar of chocolate in the handbag unexpectedly (V's secret pleasures)
  • Flowers, fresh and pretty decorating the home
  • A challenging game of chess and winning it (R's obsession)
  • Aggie football and basketball wins (R the Aggie fan)
  • Friday evenings....the dreams of the weekend/ a long weekend
  • Dreaming about our dream home
  • On a blanket at the Miller Outdoor Theater (we are doing that this weekend)
  • Long drives
  • A surprise (of any kind, gift, visit, trip!)
  • A clean home (I know we wish the house cleans by itself)
  • Browsing through books at the library/bookstore for hours
  • Bird photography in Galveston/High Island at 6am on a weekend
  • The feeling of bliss that fills us when we visit not-so-crowded temples

That is quite a long list! If you have not done this tag, go ahead and do it. Do post a link to your list in the comment section.


Homecooked said...

Wow...great list Pooh :) And double wow....u r a dancer!!! I always wanted to learn a classical dance...but I was pathetic at it.Never really took it up after that.Browsing in the book store should have been on my list too :) And the outdoor theater thing sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

hi pooh..found you thru homecooked.. liked your list.. i totally agree with you on the uncrowded tamples part..i like going to temples generaly. but i like it better if idont have to stand in long ques and get jostled!

Pooh! said...

Homecooked - dance is V's big passion. She has been learning in Houston for almost 3 yrs now and before that in India for 10+ years. Bookstores are the best places are'nt they? We ultimately did not make it to the outdoor theater this weekend due to other happenings but sure one weekend will go there n post some pics here.

Thanks for dropping by Mandira. Temples uncrowded and silent and old in almost ruins are my kind of places. It sort of feels more peaceful there. I find the modern temples with ceramic tiles in the santum more like bathrooms...

arpana said...

hey cooool list...the last one reminded me of Surathkal beach temple :)... one of my favourite place in this world..so serene