Spam Sundays

Have you realized that the amount of spam the inbox lovingly receives increases drastically on Saturdays and Sundays? Anything from replica watches, fake diplomas, drugs, medications and ways to become an agent for some strange company or act as the next-of-kin to a slain multi-billionaire, all oh-so-interesting mails find a way to the inbox in droves over the weekend.

I have been observing this trend for quite a while and always wondered, why over the weekend? (Yes there are people in our household who are logged on to computer even on weekends spying on who comes online on gtalk and how long they stay on! Wi-fi at Poohsden makes life so much "more connected "). But why on Sundays? No one in the right mind ever emails on weekends (Unless it is your cranky boss wanting some details asap or it is your long-lost relative who needs a favor). Weekends have long become family times and times to get the chores done. Who does the chores at the spammers household wonders V....after all 90% of the precious weekend time here goes to cleaning the house and cooking.

Are spammers part-time weekend workers? Or are spammers lonely souls who once had nicknames like bored_lonely_alone@home and IMed hi, asl, c2c? to virtual strangers? Did the cyber chatting scene leave them high and dry that they decide to cash in on the spam market? Or did they see an job opportunity for spammers (weekend jobs) on the local newspaper and assume it meant eating box after box of spam? (which would turn off any normal human unless they happen to be Hawaiian)

Religiously whether I make the trip to the Meenakshi temple on weekends or not, I delete the spam in my inbox every weekend and wonder about spammers and the way their mind works.


Lavs said...

Oh,your spammers offer you replica watches and fake diplomas??? Mine only offers enlargement of pen!s. And they have worked over time this valentine.

Pooh said...

I also get those spams. But surprisingly the bulk of them are for replicas and fake diplomas. Go figure!