Of Valentines day - Jewelry, Chocolates and Wine

Jewelry, Chocolates and Wine are always linked with romance and of course Valentines Day. They are the traditional gifts for the one you love.

V used to live on chocolates for the 4 years when she was forced to eat what was called food. Easy way out from the crisp chapatis and half-cooked veggies - a bar of trusted chocolate - instant sugar and energy and a treat for the senses. There was in fact days when she was called a chocolate vending machine - she always was able to pull out something sweet and yummy from her bag. Her favorite from those days were the Bar One chocolates. And for a environmental and human right conscious love of your life, check out the
options available here. I have seen some of these brands off my regular grocery store in Houston and slowly but surely I plan to make the switch.

And before you pick up your next bottle of wine, do take time to read this list.

Diamonds, pearls, rubies and jade are all of course a gal's best friend. And here are
tips to buy these items. V loves the go antique idea. Time to raid granny's and mom's loot. After all antique is currently "in" in the world of fashion.

The question you might ask is, "are we going totally organic and fair-trade and watch every tiny thing we buy/use?". The answer is of course NO. We try to buy and use organic stuff but as you probably know organic stuff are more expensive and not so readily available. But we are making an effort every now then to be more educated and aware of the environment and all the issues that tag along with it including human rights, forced labor etc. We will never be activists but just be small-time messengers and followers. The links above are a lesson for us. A list which we'll take a look the next time before we pick up a box of chocolates!