Photo tag

I saw this over at Broom's and knew I had to do it.

Here is V at the wise old age of 3.
Naughty, bratty and adorable as she always has been!

And that is R from his Mumbai days! Cute and lovely!
Check out his curls... he still has them

This tag has been going around the blogworld for a while now and if you have not done it please take it up. Lavs, Sementi, Kavi and Suja please go ahead and post your childhood pics.

Edited to add: KA please take up the tag also


Lavs said...

Thanks for the tag..but i do not have Param's childhood snap..that's why i had refrained from posting it at my space...and you know the fight with inlaws....nevertheless, i will try my best....what's life without a challenge???

sementi said...

Aww..such cute childhood pics!:)
And thanks for the tag. Away fro home and the need to digitalise those old photos mean it is going to take some time to complete the tag. I'll give it a shot though!:)

Pooh! said...

Lavs: Try your best. Else just post yours.

Sementi: We live in a era of computers, internet and siblings. Just ask your sis to scan a few and send them over like I ask my bro ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for taking it up.