Jinx broken

And with my last post I broke the jinx. For the past 5 months, since September this blog has not seen more than 11 posts a month. I felt bad that I was not writing as much as I wanted to. But as always with life so many other priorities creep in and it is our hobbies that take the first hit.

School, projects, interviews, travel, dance, household chores have been taking up all the time. I know it isn't about the number of things I do, it is about time management. After all I did not win a Nobel Prize or any other kind of recognition the past 5 months. And add to this a writers block and the blog becomes history.

I did keep in touch with other blogs but that too was erratic and we are now back. With the jinx broken V and R have actually spent time discussing the blogs this week. February has been a good month. We have actually been able to tackle our to-do lists and take things a little more easier. More books read, new hobbies developed, more blogging and more fun!

Look forward to more ramblings and more from Poohsden is the coming weeks!