The year that was...

After much debate (between laziness and the blogger inside me) I decided to write about the year that was... more for the sake of memories than anything else. 2007 has been a wonderful year for us and we just wanted to take a few minute to thank all those who made this year spectacular for us and to be grateful for what we have!

We started the year traveling and in Detroit. January 2nd we signed our lives away as we signed the papers for our new home. It was exciting and fun. February, we moved into our first home. It was a dream come true. The perfect home, the perfect neighborhood. We were in love with it! March was the big month for V with her big dance performance. April flew by fast and May kicked off with a trip to Grand Canyon with V's best friend from college, and we rolled the red carpet to welcome V's parents, bro and granny home. It was their first visit to US and it was fun having them around. We wound up May with a trip to Niagara Falls and New York (of course visiting family in between). June and July were fun months with family around and before we realized it was August.

September started off with a trip to Seattle, visiting good friends and traveling around. October it was time for fall colors and New England. November V finally was done with her Masters and found herself a pretty good job. Baby bro KA was back during the end of November and in addition to the yummy food and other knickknacks painstakingly shopped for and packed by loved ones in India, he brought along his wit and crazy humor. December, a dream trip to paradise - Hawaii!

What a year it has been! We are thankful for every thing. We are truly blessed!


Lavs said...

Wish you and your family a very Happy and prosperous 2008.

Kavi said...

Wishing you a very hapy new year ! we are blessed to be connected too !@