Those 10 digits

There was a time when those 10 numbers flew out of my fingers without even thinking. Those where days when I dialed that number numerous times and I could recall it even in my sleep. It was a part of life. Today, 3+ years down the lane, I heard the news and I knew I need to pick up the phone and dial those 10 numbers again. I really did not have an excuse like the previous times. I could not kind behind the time zones, the work, the busy schedule anymore. It was time I put everything else behind and put friendship in the forefront. I did not have the words to say but it was something I needed to do. Just to say I care and give my support.

I took out my phone book and looked at the number, and memories flooded in. The times spent, the laughter, the tears, the joys and sorrows. Friends together laughing through life, the dinners, the library chat sessions so many...And as I write this, I hope you read it sometime RN and think back to the memories of those days and smile through your tears.

I have no words to say as always. I am bad at such situations but I know the pain you must be going through. Remember, she’s at peace now. It will be a challenge to deal with the future, but you will get through it. And I hope you realize you have a friend to lean on and anytime, any help am just a call away. Take care!