Time to update

It has been a while since we spent time at Poohsden. Life is been quite hectic and weekends seem to have turned into work days and time just flies. And it is bound to be the same way for the next few weeks! I am not if either V or R are happy with the way things are but the eternal optimist R is hoping that it is just a few more weeks before normalcy. Here are a few updates from the past few weeks

* Aggie football is going through a rough patch and R and cousins NS and KS are quite disappointed about the turn of events. They seem to have blocked the losses and started their search for the new coach!

* Texans, the Houston football team is surprisingly good. Touch wood!

* Amazing summer like weather in Houston is making V really happy.

* Another road trip, this time to New England is being planned. And the details and pictures from the previous road trip are here.

* Baby bro KA has finally updated the blog and has tons of pity for dear sis V. And has admitted it is dear sis who keeps baby bro's world moving!

* V has second thoughts about the dream house purchased 6 months ago. The thoughts arise every weekend when it is time to clean and mop the oh-so-amazing hardwood floors and the 2.5 baths.

* Old friends from college days in India have made the transition to being a students again. And V has a big list of people to call!

* To-do lists run pages and V and R have started accepting it as a way of life

* Cooking is lesa-eppadi, lesa-appadi. R has successfully killed his taste buds to eat whatever V dishes out! It is quite a tough job especially after the amazing food enjoyed when V's family was here.

* Dance, photography and blogs have taken a back seat as V and R rush to answer career calls!

* Yeah the banner/header in all our blogs are down and it has been that way for I guess months. R needs to look into it.. and he will pretty soon!

* And above all prayers are still needed for Baby S. Please pray for the family and the lil one!


Timepass said...

First time here, good posts...

Pooh said...

Welcome and thank you!
We hope you visit us often!