New den

Yuppie!! am excited!! We have a new cave!! after visiting numerous open houses and heated discussions over pots of tea ( hunny for me please!) V and R decide to take the plunge and are now proud homeowners....well they seem to have realized the so-called American dream! A 2004, 3 story, 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhome right in the smack of the city is ours now!!
The house seems to be pretty bright and airy with lots of space for me to hang around and I have claimed my corner right next to the pantry. V and R now tearing the apartment apart packing everything into boxes. The NO bear, doggy and turtle lie on top of the rubbermaid storage container. No way am I going to be locked in the confines of a small space!
V and R are spending all their time enjoying what only humans seem to enjoy - shopping. I can not understand how spending a cold, wet weekend going from store to store is fun!! well they seem to have gone to all the stores and if the emails are to be believed they seem to be maxing out the credit cards!
They plan to have a grahapravesam on Sunday. And I get to meet the priest and sit through the pooja. It is sure going to be exciting. The priest sure seems to be an intresting person. V brought a BIG bottle of hunny coz the priest asked for it! I am sure I'll enjoy every drop of it. V is also planning on cooking a traditional South Indian meal and I am waiting for it!! yummy!
I wonder what V is going to wear for the function.
Well there is another party soon for friends.. as soon as the house is set... I am looking forward to catching up with old friends!!
Wow it is a season of fun and parties....