Of begging squirrels and ducks

I have been harassed by a rather different cadre of beggars not the usual 2-legged homo sapiens and it has been really really funny!

V and baby bro KA have been eating lunch together the past few weeks at the school campus which has more squirrels than students this summer. These squirrels are gigantic (at least compared to their counterparts in India) and beg for food. They even go to the extend of following you till you feed them. They enjoy chapatis and Twix chocolates! They are daring enough to come close to you, stare at you for what seems like an infinitely long time before you give in and feed them. And to think I thought they were cute!

Here is a pic of KA feeding chapati to the squirrel

V's next incident with the animal kingdom is even funnier. A rainy, soggy Saturday afternoon, V heads to R's office (that overlooks a lake with a fountain and ducks). She parks the car and waits for R to come out. And immediately the car is surrounded by bandit ducks! Quacking and begging for food! They have been living off the food feed by kids who come to "feed the duckies" and a soggy summer day means no kids out and no food. They were all around the car, quacking away. Then they were joined by a few pigeons and grackles. And it looked like a bird circus! V had to roll up the window to prevent these beggars from flying in and eating her! And R comes out laughing and worst, they don't move when we were ready to leave. Well I was kinda hoping for a duck dinner that night but somehow it never did materialize.